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Processing & Quality

Processing :

Megaa Group with its modern factory is strategically located with close proximity to landing centres and also capable of producing the best quality seafood. Positioning of the factory helps us to process the material in the shortest possible duration by reducing transportation time and maintaining quality. Our wide business experience has helped us to develop a raw material supply chain, unrivalled in the industry. Our factory has well equipped laboratories and an experienced team handling the entire operations. Right from sourcing the best possible raw material to proper segregation, quick processing help to retain quality and freshness throughout the process.

Our policy is strongly built on its overall quality intention and direction to process and deliver products which conform to national, international and buyers’ specifications. A quality assurance system based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) has been developed to which the management is fully committed. To translate our policy into its effective implementation, the company regularly conducts in-house training programs to impart the desired awareness and skill to its employees at all levels in producing quality products safe for human consumption.

Food Safety and Quality Policy :

To achieve total customer delight by committing and complying time bound delivery of fish & fisheries product through :

  • Sourcing best quality raw material from approved suppliers.
  • HACCP, Integrated Management System and statutory/regulatory compliance.
  • Complete involvement of employees for regular improvement.

Food Safety and Quality Objective :

To comply with the food safety and quality policy of the company, the following Food Safety and Quality Objectives have been set :

  • To ensure sustained growth by bringing down rejection & customer complaints to zero level.
  • To achieve maximum production capacity in each financial year.
  • “Employee skill up gradation” in terms of SOP, SSOP, GMP, HACCP and Microbiological awareness by regular training.
  • To maintain & achieve zero breakdown.